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Induction Brazing

Brazing is a method in which two or more like or unlike are joined together, with the help of heat and braze material. The braze material temperature should be lower than the parents materials. At the connection zone parents materials are heated up above the melting temperature of the braze material. There are many methods and heat source for brazing such as torches, furnaces, ovens, resistance heaters, induction heaters etc. out of these we provide you induction heater for brazing.

How, induction is better than other methods?

  • It is the very fast heating system, as compare to open flame or furnaces. Also transfer mare energy then other methods. So it is very energy efficient.
  • Brazed joint are very strong similar to welded joints. It is also a shock & vibration resistant and electrical conductive.
  • Our induction systems require very less space and reduce the main power.
  • It is controllable and repeatable. We get same results again and again with negligible deviations
  • It is ideal for inline integration
  • Open flames create uncomfortable atmosphere for the operator. As compare to this induction is neat and clean method for heating and not increase the ambient temperature of the atmosphere

We provide you a complete brazing solution and also guide you which filler, flux & atmosphere are best suited to your task. We also provide mobile and flexible solutions.

In which you braze the component at the working place. We are already provided many brazing solutions such as:

  • Brazing carbide tips on drill bit
  • Brazing a diamond on cutting tools
  • Brazing the copper and iron T assemblies
  • Brazing rotor of submersible pumps

And Many More.....

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Induction Hardening

In induction hardening the component is first heated above its critical temperature and then rapidly cool down (quenching), to increase the hardness, strength and durability of iron and steel with this process carbon can freely migrate to new location and transformed structure is formed. Induction hardening is contact less, flame less and energy efficient process, its main benefit is that its take few second as compare to furnace, which takes a long hours.


 In this process the material under the heating zone (inductor) is to be heated, so it is very energy efficient and saves lots of energy as compare to traditional method. In which whole mass of the component is heated and it is also pollution free process. Induction hardening is our one of the main application areas, our hundred of plants are already installed and work properly across the worlds. Many of them provided to automotive industry, hand tool industry, agriculture industry, electro-mechanical industry, medical industry and many more. Sometime after induction hardening, tempering process is needed to relief the internal stress of the steel or iron. it is also done by induction or furnace

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Induction Forging

Forging is the method in which billet is heated up to the temperature of 1000c to 1250c (according to carbon element) and reform it to give up proper shape of die under the hammer and press. There are many ways of hot forging including induction heating, gas furnace, oil furnace, infrared heater and electrical resistance heater.

Out of these induction heater has many advantages:


  • It creates high heat intensity very quickly at defined part of the metal
  • Do not need preheating time as I the furnace heating
  • Heating time is very short
  • Uniform heat transfer, even in small components which is not possible in alternative method
  • Induction heating will reduce the scaling which is nearly 1%, as compare to another method it is very less
  • It is temperature and penetration depth controllable and same result will formed at anytime with only negligible deviations

There are many applications which are come under the forging like:

  • Deep heating of billet for forging
  • Extrusion
  • Metal forming and shaping application
  • Bar end heating
  • Upsetting (gathering and forming metal)
  • Rolling of steel parts


Boss engineers provide many solution to the forging Industries for billet heating and end bar heating with automatic, semi automatic and turnkey solutions. With 23 year plus experience we solve many problems of automotive industry, hand tool industry, agriculture industry and other forging industries. If you have a any demand and application or to know more about BOSS ENGINEERS please freely contact with us.

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Induction Tempering

Induction tempering is becoming increasingly popular as a heat treatment process. If you are a heat treater, you know the importance of tempering after steel is hardened. With process a variety of micro structures and mechanical properties of steel can be produced. With hardening and quenching process of material creates very hard and brittle structure. Untempered martensite is too brittle for commercial use and retains a large amount of internal residual stresses. Reheating of steel after hardening and quenching load to decrease internal stress and developed tempered martensite micro structure. Tempering temperatures are always below the lower transformation temperature.



The conventional way of tempering is to run the parts through a tempering furnace (gas or infrared furnace), which takes several hours, so it very time consuming. The solution of this problem is induction tempering, which takes a few seconds, it is very quick and reliable heating method may be practical economic option to this usual approach. Induction tempering is already being used in high, speed operation to make automotive products and oil counting tubular goods. BOSS ENGINEERS is fastest growing induction company. We provided wide range solutions for tempering of process to many reputed companies. Please contact us freely for more learn about boss engineers and our heating solutions to improve your quality and increase your productivity.

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